I’ve just pushed out an update to DAX Studio with a number of fixes and a few small updates. You can download it now from https://daxstudio.org


  • Added query information button to traces
    (This captures the actual query text and any parameter values plus the ActivityID)
  • Updated Query History icons
  • #949 Exposed Theme/Mode setting in Options
  • Added MPARAMETER keyword to syntax highlighting


  • Fixed #891 Error exporting to static Excel file
  • Fixed #889 crash when dragging trace windows
  • Fixed #886 incorrect link to tutorial in Getting Started dialog
  • Fixed #894 Define and Expand sometimes producing incorrect output
  • Fixed #924 username blank in All Queries trace
  • Fixed #930 increased default code completion window width
  • Fixed #931 automatically select all text in find/replace dialog
  • Fixed #906 improved waterfall layout in Server Timings
  • Fixed setting focus in the editor when changing tabs
  • Fixed file icon registration
  • Improved error handling around shutdown operations
  • Added extra hotkey validation rules
  • Fixed #916 added retry logic to all clipboard operations
  • Improved Power BI filename detection for non-English cultures
  • Removed unused dependencies and reduced installer/portable file size