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DAX Studio 2.10.1 release

It seems that the last few years I’ve always seemed to do a pre-Christmas release for DAX Studio and this year is no different. The latest update of DAX Studio has just been released which includes a number of new features and bug fixes which are outlined below.

You can download the latest release from https://daxstudio.org

Database Tooltip

Database Tooltip

When you hover over the database dropdown in the metadata pane we now display an informational tooltip which includes the compatibility level of the database, the culture of the database and the date the data was last refreshed.

New Options

A couple of new settings have been added File – Options screen

The first lets you configure whether the editor inserts tabs or spaces when you indent code. This can be useful if you use other code editors and wish to keep a consistent style across them all.

The second lets you configure a custom export format by specifying a delimiter to use and whether or not to always quote string fields (however if your strings include your delimiter field they will still be automatically quoted as not doing this would not allow the file to be consumed properly).

This configuration appears as an option when you save query results to a file target or when you use the Export Data Wizard

Vertipaq Analyzer

A new Summary Pane has been added to the Vertipaq Analyzer view. This page gives the user a single place to see summary information about the model including the total number of tables and the total size of the model.

The tables pane now has a new column that indicates if any of the relationships for that table have RI violations. This uses the DMV that Phil Seamark pointed out in his recent blog post

You can now also import metrics that were previously exported

Date Table indicator

The metadata pane has been updated to indicate if a table has been marked as a “Date” table.

Ribbon buttons for Issues and Feature requests

I have seen a few issues posted in various other forums like the Power BI community forum over the years so I’ve decided to add buttons to the help ribbon to allow a quick and direct way of posting issues directly to our github issues list (although a github login is still required)

Search for Functions and DMVs

Both the Function and DMV panes now have a search box.


And in addition to the above features it includes numerous bug fixes including the following:

  • #224 Server Timings and Query Plan traces now work with the EffectiveUsername connection string parameter
  • #237 fixed population of UserName field in traces
  • #223 Export Wizard now replaces characters that are not legal in file names with underscores
  • #222 UTF-8 csv exports no longer include BOM characters
  • #218 Vertipaq Analyzer – fixed an issue trying to export a model with a multiple of 50 +1 columns
  • #238 Vertipaq Analyzer – fixed Column Header name for Data Type column
  • Vertipaq Analyzer – fixed not showing any output for certain models #235 #231 #218
  • #213 fixed a bug that was not allowing “DEFINE MEASURE” to work with KPIs
  • #241 fixed File – New creating 2 blank windows (thanks @Mankarse)
  • #226 removed OnDragEnter debug message

Known Issues

There is an ongoing issue with some people getting an error from the Excel Add-in reporting a MissingMethodException which is preventing connections to PowerPivot models. However I’ve double checked a copy of the dll in question and it does contain the method so this error does not make any sense. And I have been unable to reproduce this issue on any of the systems which I have access to. If anyone is able to assist with more information on how to reproduce this issue I’d love to hear from you as I’d like to get this issue fixed.


  1. Ferruccio Guicciardi

    Great improvement. Already downloading . Thanks a lot.

  2. Reid Havens

    Amazing update! Love the vertipaq analyzer!

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